Disk Color for Mac

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Do you have any finishing free space on your disk?

Let me introduce Disk Color a professional and powerful utility to remove any unused stuff from your computer.

Disk Color is a professional and powerful utility to scans your computer and shows a colorful and interactive tree map
that helps you find large unwanted files.

It enables you to quickly locate, delete or compress large files and folders on your hard drive and reclaim valuable space.

Main features of Disk Color :

– Visual result map ,Fast scanning,User friendly design

– Drag and drop folders directly onto the selection window. You can add folders before scanning.

– Color files by type to easily find archives.

– Scan your disks as fast as possible.

– Displaying found files & folders during scan process.

– Progress bar during scanning process.

– Detailed volume information available.

– Information about files, quick button to show in finder.

– Displaying the folders structure.

– Take a look at the collection before you deleting the items to avoid mistake

– Save tons of hard drive space with just few clicks

– An almost artistic presentation of your Disk!

Disk Color uses innovative technology to present an artistic view of your disk that makes it extremely easy to spot big files.

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