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“Downloader for Twitter provides a nice way to save photos from Twitter to your Mac.”

Downloader for Twitter is a very easy to use application that offers a simple and quick way to export all your Twitter photos to your local hard drive.

Downloader for Twitter makes the process of downloading images much quicker and easier than downloading them one by one.

Downloader for Twitter is an effective tool that lets you back up the photos you have taken on your Twitter.

If you are a Twitter user and you have taken hundreds of pictures,
if you want a quick and easy way to back them up and save them to your computer,
Downloader for Twitter can get the job done for you and satisfy you greatly.
Just enter your Twitter get the screen name and download the images you like with Downloader for Twitter .

Main features with Downloader for Twitter:

1. Beautiful, easy to use interface
2. Awesome transitions when download´╝î(fade/move in/push/reveal…)
3. Batch download all your Twitter photos with simple 2 steps.
4. Downloader for Twitter will download all photos for you can save them in your computer.
5. It can save a lot of time for you to download them one by one. It only takes you a few clicks or steps to finish downloading.
6. Quick backup your photo from Twitter.
7. Full or incremental backup. Save beautiful pictures in albums Or Sync your images automatically to a folder.
8. Combine it with cloud services like Dropbox to have photos in all your computers or devices
9. Download photos by tags or by screen name

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