Duplicate File Detective for Mac

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Duplicate File Detective is an app which can finds and removes duplicates files on your disk.

Features of Duplicate File Detective:

– Support Drag and drop
Drag and drop folders directly onto the selection window.
You can add folders before scanning.

– Choose to scan as many folders as you want
Choose to scan as many folders as you wanteven checking for duplicates
across multiple hard drives or external devices.

– The fastest detection algorithm.
Quickly reveal all your unnecessary duplicated files to save time.

– At a glance summary of wasted space.
Locate duplicate images, audio, archives, entire folders and more.

– A single click shows files in Finder.
Get rid of duplicated files easily.

– Easy selection of duplicates to delete.
Remove duplicated files with just one click.

– Customized exclusion with size filtering.

– Send unwanted files directly to the Trash.
By default, duplicates are moved to your Trash, allowing for easy and safe recovery

The Duplicate File Detective helps you to quickly find unnecessary duplicates and get rid of them easily.
Free up your valuable hard drive space!Enjoy!

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