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FaceTab Pro for Facebook is new way to access your Facebook. Doesn’t have enough space for a menubar app? Not a problem. We introduce FaceTab Pro that will stick on edges of your screen.

FaceTab Pro for Facebook with these Charming features:

Access your Facebook with “1 click” from your menubar´╝îred icon in menubar, Desktop mode with attachments, Popup notifications, Stealth mode, Full screen support and much more!

1. It is Convenient to access to Facebook via your Mac’s menu bar

Access your Facebook with “1 click” from your menubar or you can via its customizable hot key (Command + G).

2. New notifications with customizable audio alerts

When you’ve got news feed via a vivid red menu bar icon we’ve made it really simple to know.

3. Mobile & desktop mode, you can easily alternate between modes.

4. Popup notifications support

You can enable a popup notification for every time you receive the news feed.

5. Stealth mode, adjust the transparency of the tab with the opacity control slider. Use stealth mode to secretively check your news feed without anyone else noticing.

6. Resizable tab window, easily increase/decrease the tab window to your liking

7. Tab can be dragged and pulled using physical principle

8. Auto hidet Tab when inactive eg. for watch movie

You’ll soon be able to discover the news feed when you receive it the software icon is colored.

Legal Note:
FaceTab Pro for Facebook is a 3rd party application for Facebook and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Facebook Inc. Facebook and the Facebook Logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.

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