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Are you tired with common boring blue folders?
Let me introduce Folder Library,Folder Library is a tool to customize your Mac OS X folder icons with your own personality.

With Folder Library, you can easily change folder‘s colour, add pictures, include text, assign textures or you can make them look like “embossed” system folders.

Folder Library provides an effective way to import your personal and customized icons to create attractive folders.
Folder Library will improve your performance and your system’s appearance.
You can now easily identify the one you need with the folder’s appearance.


Drag and drop a transparent PNG image file into Folder Library Adjust the position and the size it will turn the image into a folder icon for you.
If you want to add your new icon to a folder, just drag and drop the folder into Folder Library. Only two steps to generate your unique folder icon.

Using a transparent PNG icon file will give you the best results. You can search from the internet with ‘PNG icon’ to get lots of them.


– Enhance folder icons and make them improve your performance and your system’s appearance.
– Attach pictures, write text and modify an existing icon to design unique folders.
– Change the position of the icon by pressing the left mouse button and dragging.
– Adjust your images and text exactly where you want them on the icon.
– Replace original folder icon with your picture and text.
– Write text in the colors and fonts that you like.
– Adjust opacity of your folders or even make them invisible.
– Scale the icon size with scroll wheel or trackpad.
– Free to change the background color
– Retina support

Use preview mode to check the final result.
Use delete key to deselect the icon or text.

Simple and user-friendly.
All you have to do is: drag the image you want into the application’s window,
configure the way it looks, and then drag the folder you want to modify there,that’s all.

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