Photo in Photo for Mac

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Photo in photo is a simple and powerful utility to make awesome picture in picture effect.
Popular Pic-in-Pic mode, and it is more powerful and more fun with the addition of the new PIP Frames mode!
You can always have a different and refreshing look.

Photo in photo is just as easy to use.
Choose a template, drag & drop your photos in, scale the photo, adjust the size,
select the filters and effects, then save it on your Mac.

Main features:
— Numerous amazing templates .
— Support infinite photos.
— Scale and move the photo
— Change size and pattern.
— Drag & drop photos into the template.
— Select the filters and effects
— Move the position of the photo by press left ´╝îright up and down button.
— Save the final photo by Command + S on your Mac.

With those options, you can get a unique photo with photo in photo effect.
Just sharing amazing photos with your friends to Social Networks.

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